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Tab Recreation’s return to play protocol is based on our best understanding of the CDC and State and Local Health Department guidelines

These are the GUIDELINES for PHASE 1 of Return to Play Protocol only (new guidelines will be posted for Phases 2-4 at a later date)


1.       Limit total number of players to < 24/practice (ramp-up to higher numbers slowly)

2.       Age divisions on different days or different times

3.       Practices per age division limited to 2x/week (one weekday and Saturday)

4.       Length of practice 1 to 1.5 hours

5.       Limit total number of coaches to < 5 for each practice

6.       Film every practice

7.       Restrict Campus/Field to Athletes, Coaches, and Staff only; Parents can observe practice from their cars (park on street around field)

8.       Limit total number of staff to < 4 (one staff member will be assigned to the press-box to watch/monitor practice)

9.       Adhere to tight social distancing guidelines; players on the field will be positioned approximately 4 to 5 yards apart, coaches will 
          maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (CDC guidelines) from other coaches (see field schematic)

10.   Single entry point for players entering the campus/field (Main gate off the parking lot)



1.       Player should bring their own filled water bottle

2.       Upon entering a player will be required to:

3.       Sanitize hands (will be provided)

4.       Put on mask (a mask will be provided if you do not have one)

5.       Have temperature checked (forehead)

6.       Fill practice location for each athlete from back (west side of field) to front (east side of field) and from goal line to 25 yard line (south to
          north) in order to keep appropriate social distancing at all times (see diagram on page #7)

7.       Sanitize hands when leaving the field (will be provided)

8.       Single exit-point for players to leave campus/field (main gate off of parking lot) – Players will be released one at a time (parents must be
          in the parking lot at the time scheduled for the practice to end)



1.       Single entry point for COACHES entering the campus/field (main gate off of parking lot)

2.       Coaches must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of practice

3.       Upon entering a coach will be required to:

a.       Have a mask on prior to exiting their vehicle (if you do not have a mask one will be mailed to you prior to your first practice)

b.       Sanitize hands (will be provided)

c.       Have temperature checked

4.       Maintain social distancing at all times (minimum of 6 feet)

5.       Sanitize hands when leaving the field (will be provided)

6.       Coaches will exit the campus/field via the main gate off of the parking lot

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