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Tab Track Team runs at HSE this weekend

The Tab Jaguars will be running this weekend in the Midwest Youth Championship.


High School 7 v 7 Tournament

Summary of Season


Tab Soccer (Indy Metro League) Tournament to start on Saturday

Indy Metro World Cup Soccer Tournament will start on Saturday, June 7 and end on Saturday, June 14.


Tab Recreation 90th Anniversary Celebration

Tab Recreation will be celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year (1924-2014)!

Welcome to Tab Recreation

While Tab Recreation is considered a model of modern urban youth sports programming, its roots reach well into the past.Tab began its outreach at 34th Street and Central Avenue in the 1920s after seeing a need for Sunday School on the city’s then-emerging northside.The congregation quickly decided that athletics could offer an effective conduit for outreach. In 1939, this belief took shape as Tab’s Recreation Program.With education as its primary goal, Tab Recreation’s focus was for all participants to attain some physical skills and learn poise, self-control and the art of teamwork.Soon, programming was expanded to include all boys and girls regardless of athletic ability. This tradition continues today in a program in which all children who practice can play in games.Over the years, Tab...
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